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    I did an initial test 6 weeks ago on a treadmill at 10% and 3.6mph which gave me a ~3% difference between lap 1 and lap 2, so I’ve been using 138 as my AeT.

    I just retested today, with a theory that I’d use 142 as during workouts recently I find that RPE and breathing is little different up to 150-155 or so while skinning.

    I used 11% and 3.9mph. During the second 30min period, my HR would hang ~150 and my breathing/cardio effort didn’t feel much different than time in 135-140 range, but the challenge was from a muscle/economy standpoint and it took focus to keep that pace in my legs.

    First 30min avg is 143, second is 149. So that’s a 4% drift, but given how my breathing feels I wonder if AeT isn’t above 143 and the drift wasn’t more related to economy or muscular endurance.

    Any thoughts?

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    Anonymous on #34685

    Have you done a Anaerobic Threshold test. You might find that your AeT and AnT are within 10% of one another. If you felt it took concerted effort in this test to maintain a HR in the upper 140s even though your breathing still felt pretty relaxed that would indicate that muscular endurance was more the issue. This is what happens when the AeT has gone up significantly. The top of Z2 gets close to Z3 so Z2 workouts can start to feel like Z3 workouts and have a similar training/fatigue effect.

    If that’s the case when add more Z3 and 4 workouts. Drop Z2 and do almost all aerobic base training in Z1.

    I hope this helps.

    jswell on #34712

    Thanks for the reply, Scott. I have done an AnT test. One very recently and a number over the years. HR of ~185 has been pretty consistent. Most of my training over the years has been based off %LTHR or FTP. I’m finding that much of that long duration, low intensity was likely too high which is consistent with various illness and drops in performance during those periods. If only my coach at the time or myself had been more aware of the idea of AeT!

    Being more of a hiker/skier/cyclist I am guessing my feelings during the treadmill test were more a result of ME and economy. When skinning for 45-60mins uphill, I will find myself comfortably breathing in the lower 150s. I’ve also noticed during easy runs that an HR of 140 feels more difficult or equally difficult to 150s when on a bike or skis.

    Have you found that an overall lack of hunger when doing fasted workouts in Z1/2 is a decent sign that an athlete isn’t over reaching their AeT?

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