aerobic threshold HR test analysis??

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    I just did the initial ae-threshold 75 minute test.


    Excluding the 15 minute warmup, I’m getting Hr:Pa of about -1.0 for the first half of the run and 1.88 for the second half. Hr:Pa for the entire 60 minute run is about 2.4%

    I was targeting a Hr of 135…….so this means I need to do the test again at a higher HR..something like 140?


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    Shashi on #52786


    Thanks for sharing the Training Peaks link. The test looks good and as you said based on your overall Pa:Hr of around 2.4% your next test can be at a target HR of 140.

    Wish you the best!

    Chris on #52790

    Thanks for the confirmation. At around 140 bpm, I guess my aerobic threshold seems higher than what I expected……hopefully this means I have less work to do to develop my aerobic capacity.

    Chris on #52864

    Well, this is weird. I repeated the aerobic threshold test at a higher target HR of 140. This time Pa:Hr is even lower at 1.2%………it was 2.4% with a HR of 135 in my initial test.


    Only thing I can think of is it was very cloudy so maybe the gps/distance/pace is messed up.


    Shashi on #52870

    The metrics (distance, pace, etc.) are very similar for both workouts. Did this run feel any harder? Your pace for the duration of the test seems very similar to the last one.

    Overall the test looks good and the only thing I can think of is that your AeT might be much higher and maybe do the next test at target HR of say 150.

    Chris on #52873

    Thanks for the feedback. Run didn’t feel any harder, both felt super easy since I usually run on steep terrain at much higher heart rates. I’ll try it again at 150 bpm and see what happens.

    Anonymous on #55127

    I’m late to the party on this, but as Shashi said, try 150. Also, have you tested AnT HR?

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