Aerobic Theshold and Zones

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    I am trying to resolve my confusion over AeT and Zone1.

    In the TftNA, Chapter 2, Zone 1 top seems to be defined as the AeT.

    Yet in the forum posts I recently read, AeT seems to be referenced to the top of Z2?

    Some clarification would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks and Best,

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    Anonymous on #6495

    Thanks for your inquiry and I am sorry for the confusion this has caused you. This is a misprint in the book that slipped through in this first printing run and is on on short list of things to fix when we do the next print run.

    The upper end of Zone 2 is defined in our (and other’s) zone system. The top of Z1 will typically be 10-15 beats below this.

    Sorry again,

    nagypista on #6498

    It would be wonderful if we could have an online errata published and updated as you find spelling errors. Would a separate thread help clarifying the questions and suggestions?


    e.judd on #6520

    I’m a bit confused by the answer to the question. So, the Aerobic Threshold is near the top of Zone 2?

    twyla on #6635

    Please confirm if I’m interpreting the misprint comment correctly… The AeT is the top of Zone 2. Zone 1 training should be done 10-15 beats below the AeT. So to target this, ramp up to the nose breathing limit, note heart rate, then ramp down 10-15 beats.

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