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    Hey all,

    I’m wondering how I should go about accounting for long duration efforts on top of the training program. For instance, this upcoming weekend I’m planning to do a couple days of backpacking for fun, ~35mi and ~13k vert. It will happen to coincide with a couple days I am to do longer Z2 sessions, but I’ll anticipate these days being 6-8 hours of hiking, so obviously the impact is going to be much higher.

    Should I wear an hr strap and track the exercise and put it into TrainingPeaks? Or just anticipate needing more recovery somehow? I realize this is coinciding with going into a recovery week, so I probably don’t need to worry about it, but what if I wanted to do this sort of thing in the middle of a build week?

    Bigger picture for me, I’m training for long-duration hikes, 150-200 miles with lots of vertical, so I’m trying to develop more understanding and skill at training more resilience to that sort of sustained, multi-day effort.

    Thanks for your thoughts.


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    bill on #72660

    Good morning Aaron – We talked a bit about this here: and you may find some of the info helpful. Cheers, Bill

    aaronnorlund on #72661

    Thanks Bill, indeed, those are all the answers I needed.

    Anonymous on #72678

    Aaron, Indeed as some of your goals are very long distance hiking related your training will need to include more things that look like that. As long as you’ve built up to it in training and allow for adequate recovery on the backend big “overreaching” weekends of volume can be beneficial just not too often. I will most commonly put these into a program when a recovery week is coming up next anyway at the end of a build cycle. This kind of load on somewhat pre fatigued legs will simulate some of the demand of a big multi day effort. There is an argument to putting a big training effort in at the beginning of a build cycle when you’re the freshest and best poised for recovery, I tend to program this more for folks that are training for single day events like ultra races of really big car to car days in the mountains. Just a few things to think about.

    aaronnorlund on #72685

    Thank you!

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