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    Hi @SCOTT and hi everyone.
    I wanted to ask if there are any things for those suffering from ADS that can objectively speed up the improvement process of AeT? That is, assuming that one always runs under AeT, what can really help? Make long but less frequent runs, make shorter but more frequent runs maybe every day, alternating the two? clearly length and frequency of training depending on the level of the athlete. Introducing long bike rides always under AeT? Are there any other things that can be done?

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    Anonymous on #58256

    Hi Diego,

    This is a common, but good question that’s been answered in the forums (worth digging around). For example, see the discussion and replies from Naney, Semple, and Johnston in the links below. In general: frequency, duration, and consistency (and patience) are your friends. If you’re using AeT as a proxy to improve fat max, nutrition plays a role too.

    (Sorry, my account isn’t able to post links, so see the attached file.)

    Diego on #58262

    Thank you!!!

    Shashi on #58271

    Thank you Eddie.

    The links might also mention it, but you might want to read up on topics related to Fasted Training as well. Here is one of the UA article.

    Diego on #58275


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