68 years old, final month training for Mt.Rainier

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    I’m a 68 year old male scheduled July 8-11 for RMI’s 4 day Mt. Rainier climb. My basic question is how to utilize the remaining training time. I plan to use my treadmill (15% setting) at Levels 2-3 breathing to further strengthen my legs.

    Background: I started with “New Alpinism” in Dec. 2018 and used the 58-Year-Old Novice plan on p. 238 as a guide for endurance. I’m active, as a runner from age 14 until about 5 years ago but continued walking, hiking, and biking. Recently I hiked Mt. Walker, Mt. Rose twice, and Mt. Si, but frequently walked intervals on a 1/2 mile 15% grade section of Capitol Peak Road. I also walk (flat) 2 miles 4-6 times/week.

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    IN these final weeks I would include some weighted pack carries on steep trails. The 15% treadmill is really not steep enough to elicit a strong muscular endurance training effect. If you have not already read this I suggest you take a look. The old trail on Mt Si is perfect for this kind of thing as is the Cable Line on Tiger Mtn. Hopefully you’ve been doing some weighted hikes. Start this 2x/week and drop all other strength training. Do not do one of these workouts in within 7 days of your planned climb.


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