5 week Foundation for Rock Alpinists training programme

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    I have been following Steve House’s 5 Week Foundation for Rock Alpinist Training programme and I am about to start week 5. I started the programme after a long period of trying to get fit through high intensity work outs and running in zone 3 before starting to read training for the new alpinism and realising that I needed to improve my aerobic base. To maintain a long zone 2 work out I am only able to walk at a steady pace on a slight incline on a treadmill. Would you recommend simply repeating the 5 week programme again from the start to further improve my base fitness before transitioning to another programme?

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    Your best long term gains will come from improving your aerobic capacity. From the sounds of you need to have a much longer aerobic base building period so repeating the program will help but this process will take months. If your coming from a steady diet of high intensity training I’d say 12-16 weeks to move the needle much. Be patient. It will happen.


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