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    Jessica Kooker

    Hi, I’ve heard it mentioned in a few of the videos the 30/30 workout. But I didn’t see it come up during my intermediate training plan. It sounds like something I would be interested in. Would you guys be able to point me in the direction of where I can read more about this workout/strategy?

    Thank you,

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    Denisa Ronzani on #77030

    Hi Jessica,
    Same here. I do not have it in my workouts either. What exactly is this?


    Jennifer Louie on #77093

    Here’s the 30-30 workout in the advanced plan for this week:

    This workout can be completed either running uphill or hiking uphill. Either outside or on a treadmill.

    Warm Up:
    Warm up for 20min either running on the flats or hiking at a brisk pace either on the flats or slight uphill.

    2x2min: Hike or run at your AnT (or as hard as you can sustain) for 2min take a 2min rest and repeat.

    6x 30-30sec. Then do 30sec as hard as you can sustain and recover for 30seconds(HR should drop 5-7bpm). Repeat this for 8min. Use your first 30sec to get an idea of what you can sustain. You shouldn’t feel completely exhausted by the end of the 8min, you want to be able to still put in one last really hard effort by the end.

    Take a 5min rest and do

    Hike down or jog easy for the remainder of the time.

    Jessica Kooker on #77096

    Thank you very much Jennifer!!!!

    Jean Neuman on #78447

    Thank you Jennifer!

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