2 year Training Program for Denali

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    Hi All,

    I am currently (re-)reading TFTNA to put together a long-term 2-year training program for Denali; all the training programs I have seen on uphill athlete are relatively short at 24 weeks or less, and so I am thinking that I will break this goal down into two 52 week plans (using a 24 week plan culminating in a mountaineering objective) with a focus on building my aerobic base and muscular endurance with the goal of climbing and skiing Baker this year, Rainier next spring, and Denali the following year.

    By way of background, I am a 39 year old splitboarder with 10 years of experience ski-touring (including several years living and riding/touring in Whistler and the Duffey Lake area north of Pemberton); until recently, I also worked as a mountain bike guide and have spent many years mountain biking around BC; prior to this, I spent some time in my teenage years and twenties rock and ice climbing, running, and backpacking. Having said that, I have never followed a training program for any length of time and therefore I would consider my fitness to be average/above-average for someone my age. I am now living in Vancouver and am essentially a weekend warrior touring 1-2 days a week 10km/1000m+.

    Any insight or advice into this kind of extended training program would be appreciated.


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    Its refreshing to hear that you have this long time frame in mind. The more normal occurrence is for people to come to us 8 weeks out from a major trip and ask us to get them in shape. You can use the 24 week plan as a template and then re-use it as many times a you like in prep for Denali. When you buy these plans you own them forever. Each time you go through this plan you will come out the other end much stronger than you went in. So you’ll need to raise the training load.volume as you repeat it but it’s basic structure will fit your intermediate seasonal goals as you move towards Denali. The other option is to just use the book and design your own plan. The 24 week plan is based right out of the book. We use 24 weeks as this fits more folks need for summer/winter climbing goals.

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