2 AeT tests—no clear result

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    I’m in the first few weeks of the Intro to Ultra training plan and trying to determine my AeT heart rate–without much luck thus far. I’ve done 2 tests now at increasingly higher heart rates and each time I’ve basically failed to get almost *any* drift.

    For reference, about 6 months ago, I completed a half marathon in 1:30 at around 172hr. The data below is admittedly from a wrist monitor on my watch–but it’s been pretty consistent without much variation, so I’m hesitant to ascribe any problems to that. On the lower end, I’ve also done a handful of longer runs at around 145-150, with very little drift.

    Should I do yet another test? Call the top of Zone 2 at 170 and just train at closer to 155? Any suggestions would be helpful!

    Here are the numbers, and some screenshots for reference:

    First test:
    Pa:Hr: .84%
    avg Hr: 159
    avg pace: 8:12

    Third test
    Pa:Hr: .27%
    avg Hr: 170
    avg pace: 7:23

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    Anonymous on #36495

    The data below is admittedly from a wrist monitor on my watch…

    Please use a chest strap. A wrist monitor’s accuracy is so horrible I’d rather not try and problem solve its output when the effort might be wasted…

    MMK on #36859

    Ok, so I’ve retested with a chest strap and found very similar results as I saw in the last two tests with just the wrist watch, I.e minimal to no heart rate drift at a fairly high heart rate.

    Here’s a link to the test > The warm up (~10-15 minutes) is not part of that activity.

    For reference:
    Avg pace: 8:00/mile
    Avg hr: 160
    Pa:Hr: -.59%

    Could my AeT heart rate really be substantially higher than that?

    Anonymous on #36864

    Hmmm… It’s hard to compare anything to your half-marathon because it was with a wrist monitor, but… how hard di it feel?

    And how hard does ~160 feel?

    Lastly, at this point, I would get a proper lab test done.

    MMK on #36869

    Thanks for your help, Scott! 160 does feel slightly harder (and faster) than I’m used to running on easy days, but also not unmanageable by any means. It’s still pretty easy to sink into a groove and let the miles click by without thinking too much.

    Looking into a lab test around Chicago, but it’ll depend on how much they cost…

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