Workouts for a Rest week?

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    I have a question about the workouts in a rest week and hope you could help me.

    First of all sorry for my bad english I’m from Austria.

    I have read the book uphill athlete many times and it’s the best one I have.
    But I don’t really understand how to plan a rest week. Should I also plan a speed workout like interval oder threshold, or should I only do 3-4 runs in Ga1/2 with strides, or maybe a fartlek.

    As example:

    Mo: Rest
    Tue: Ga Easy + 6 Strides
    Wed: Rest oder alternative
    Thu: Ga Easy + 6 Strides or Fartlek
    Fr: Ga Easy
    Sat: Rest oder Alternative
    Sun: Ga Easy but longer

    Could I take this or is it better to include a speed workout and only reduce the
    The weekly kilometers?

    Thanks a lot I hope I could get some help.

    All the Best

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    Eddie on #63479

    Hi Alex,

    The goal of a recovery week is not to gain fitness, but to let the body (and mind) absorb the previous work load and feel fresh for the next build cycle.

    If you’re feeling recovered, you can schedule a reduced high intensity and/or long workout late in the week, but drop it if you feel tired.

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