When to incorporate Chamonix Mountain Fit training in an existing plan?

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    Hi all,
    I am relatively new here and also in the strength training. I already have workout plans (Push-Leg-Pull-Leg) at gym. For the mountaineering, I purchased Chamonix Mountain Fit plan to improve on balance and core strength. This is not clear to me when I shall include the 2 days of CMF workouts.
    2 options:
    1. Is it right after my gym strength workout?
    2. On a separate day? Or on leg days?

    By the way, I am also running for 4 days per week. Easy runs mainly.

    Sorry, if my question sounds like a noob question. Hope to get your guidance. Thank you!

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    Jane Mackay on #83404

    Hi Banashri, welcome! There are no noob questions here 😉

    Since you’re already doing gym strength, you could do one day of CMF and one day of gym strength. It’s best to put them 72 hours apart, if possible, e.g. Monday and Thursday. Don’t do CMF and gym strength on the same day or consecutive days. That would be too much.

    Remember to also include regular mobility sessions in your week, e.g. yoga, stretching.

    Hope this helps,

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