Weighted Hikes

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    Jean Neuman

    Greetings Female Uphill Athletes,
    Oddball question because I wonder if I’m doing things wrong.

    With weighted hikes – what are you using to as weight in your pack? I’ve heard sand, water, cat litter, regular weights, etc. being used to weight down packs during training hikes.

    I pack my gear and weigh it with a hanging scale. I add or remove gear as needed to get to the desired weight.
    My theory is I’m going to have to carry my gear when I’m backpacking and might as well practice carrying it.

    Am I doing the training wrong? Should I be using water, sand, etc.?
    I’m trying to understand the reason for using the other types of weight.

    Insights are much appreciated.


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    Alyssa Clark on #78578

    Hi Jean,
    Great question! It really is whatever works best for you. Many people don’t have all the gear, need to borrow etc so that isn’t always an option. Also some weighted workouts have you dump the weight at the top which is much better to do without all your nice gear 🙂 If gear works for you, that’s great!

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