Weight on feet vs. weight on back

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    The basis for this question is explained here: http://adventure.howstuffworks.com/outdoor-activities/hiking/one-pound-off-feet-five-pounds-off-back.htm.

    In TFNA, Chapter 9 (on sport specific training) talks about training with X% of the “weight you will carry on your goal climb”. Should this be adjusted up if you’re carrying significant weight on your feet? E.g. half a splitboard, a binding and a boot might weigh c. 2.5kg, so would you adjust up if carrying the weight on your back while training or instead recommend training with ankle weights (the latter seems more appropriate to me)?

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    The principle of specificity says that trying to model the demands of your event is always going to be give the best results. The reason we recommend a pack on the back is that it imposes a big strength and strength endurance load on the core and postural muscles that will directly affect your fatigue while climbing. If you notice the weight on your feel then you probably will benefit from training with heavy boots of ankle weights for at least some portion of your workouts.


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    Thanks, Scott. Using ankle weights plus weight in a backpack will definitely most closely replicate touring.

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    Out of curiosity, I weighted my gear (skins + splitboard + bindings + boots + socks) which came to 8.69KG. Seemed like a lot given it’s more than 10% of my body weight. There’s not much room to shave off weight from the gear given that I use fairly light bindings and what should be a reasonably light board (Carbon Solution).

    Anyway, I’ve started training (high-rise stair climbs) with ankle weights and I’ll gradually build up both the weight on my ankles and the weight on my back until I get to my “goal day” weight .

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    My recommendation………..Get skis 🙂

    Much more effective back country travel tools

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