Valley Fever (Fungal lung infection) return to exercise

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    I’ve been sick with Valley Fever (coccidioidomycosis) for the last 2 months. I am on an antifungal medication (fluconazole, 400mg daily) and will be on the meds for another 1.5 months minimum. I’ve had a variety-pack of symptoms (pneumonia, fever, rash, cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches, perfuse sweating, mouth tasted like blood, blistering under my tongue, joint swelling in knees and ankle to where I was unable to walk…)

    At this point all the symptoms have resolved, except for some lingering stiffness in my knees (only noticeable in a deep squat), and fatigue.

    I am hoping for more advice about returning to exercise. My doctors have said to “listen to my body and not overdo it, but try to stay active” and have been unable to offer anything more specific. Over the last 10 days I have started doing yoga (a couple times a week), and going for 10 min to 1 hour long (slow) walks daily. I have returned to work at a 9-5 desk job from home, which feels like a load. I sleep 8-9 hours a night, and am tired and have difficulty getting up in the mornings. I often still feel bad/off. I don’t know how to tell what is me feeling unwell because I am still sick, and what might be signs that I am overdoing things and prolonging my recovery. I would like to be back climbing (easy, gym) and lifting weights, but haven’t tried that yet. Not sure how to know when it would be appropriate to try.

    1) What body feedback are “red flags” that I am overdoing it?
    2) How will I know when it might be appropriate to start trying easy gym climbing or lifting weights?
    3) Any recommended references (articles etc.) with guidelines or more info?

    Has anyone else had symptomatic Valley Fever? What helped you?

    Thank you!

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #84636

    Hi Kat,

    sorry to read that you have to deal with this illness.
    I have to admit that I do not have experience with this disease. But from what I read, the symptoms of fatigue are the last to resolve. And it’s important to stay active to avoid too much deconditioning. Red flags you should be aware of are especially respiratory symptoms coming back. And any of the other symptoms you had. Other then that I would recommend going by feel and progress slowly. Listen to yourself how you feel after activity and monitor your response after workouts. Do you feel better, worse or the same afterwards…

    I hope that helps at least a little!?
    And maybe there is someone here on the forum who has experience?!

    Have a good and quick recovery!

    AlexxXX on #86980

    Hi all. Call me Alex. Have a nice day.

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