Using VO2 Max test to determine AeT and AnT

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    Just listened to the podcast episode with Judd Van Sickle ( and I’m a bit confused. He seemed to indicate that he could reliably determine someone’s AeT and AnT from a standard VO2 Max test and Scott didn’t challenge him on that. It seems to go against everything I’ve read on Uphill Athlete. Can anyone confirm if the AeT and AnT determined by a standard VO2 Max test is actually accurate? I have access to several PT businesses offering VO2 Max testing in my area for $150 and a gym that offers a test more inline with what Scott describes as Metabolic Efficiency testing for $329. As I’m a ski mountaineer (not Skimo) and not a competitive athlete, would like to save some money if the results are mostly accurate with a VO2 Max test.

    Thanks and be well!


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