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    I just signed up for the 8 week ice/mixed training plan. Does anyone one know if there is a way to print the workouts rather then trying to access them on my phone while at the gym?


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    Steve House on #6456

    Hi Mike,
    No there is no way to print the workouts. Thought it costs us a fee to use TrainingPeaks we do so for many reasons. Here is an article explaining this decision in more detail.


    madanyang on #6469


    I had previously asked the question to trainingpeaks helpdesk and here is the official answer

    “You can still print off your plan though. To print your weekly or monthly calendars you can use the screen print function (command + P on a Mac or control+P on a PC). This will display what is on your calendar and you can print those workouts off or save them as a PDF.

    If you would like to print more weeks put your calendar into compact view, which you can enable on the top right corner of your calendar. You can also print off each individual workout, if you open the workout and then click on the menu icon (?, top right) and select Print from the QuickView.”

    Hope this helps

    nixas48313 on #63135

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