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    I am using the 24 week mountaineering training plan from the trainingpeaks.com and in “Conversion to Specificity week 2″ Muscular Endurance in addition to the steep uphill hike begins the uphill water carry with two workouts following each other and it is the same through out the other weeks. Yet in the book in page 238 you mention a good 72 hrs of recovery between sessions.

    Am I missing something here or is this how it should be done ?


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    Anonymous on #3863


    Thanks for point out that typo. The first 3 weeks of the weighted hill climbs should be spaced out by a couple of days to help you absorb this hard muscular work. But, for the final 3 weeks of this muscular endurance training we stack these workouts back to back to simulate back to back days on the mountain. This is a bit of a compromise because most people can usually do the longer or harder workouts on the weekends. So you can also move these workouts around to best suit your personal schedule. You can delete this plan you bought and download a corrected version. You won this plan for ever and anytime in the future that you want to, you can just reload a new plan into your calendar. If you don’t want to loose a record of your training so far then just rearrange the days as I explained above.
    Sorry for the confusion.

    madanyang on #3880

    Scott thanks for clearing up the issue and updating the plan. I have readjusted the training to reflect the recovery.

    As I am planning to extend the base phase to 20 weeks hence do the uphill water carrying for 12 weeks so will shift the last 3 weeks back to back towards the end of base week. Does that sound correct or would it be better to do the last 4 weeks back to back.

    Thanks again

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    By extending the base period you will have a good chance to see how well you adapting to the muscular endurance workouts and can assess if you feel ready to do do the back to back workouts for more weeks.


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