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    This is one area where I really struggle, updating my HR zones. The other day I received a notice from training peaks my Threshold heart rate value had changed. Which value should be updated with this information? Is it the top end or the low end?

    My current values are shown in the screenshot.

    I don’t really use TP all that much, I can’t stand the interface so I don’t pay for it. I really only use Strava because it’s slightly better.

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    Anonymous on #36611

    First, I would shut off the auto-alerts and auto-adjustments for thresholds in Training Peaks. They’re too formulaic to be useful.

    Second, how are you arriving at your Strava thresholds?

    justin__m__303 on #36704

    Thanks for the follow-up Scott. I am more than happy to disable alerts.

    Strava thresholds were set automatically and then conservatively adjusted using the Ventilatory marker testing method and math. I’ve been training consistently, slowly increasing the amount of my training for the past 4 years. My AeT is probably a few beats higher as I can comfortably breathe through my nose and/or hold a conversation into the low 150s. The latest number I received from TP was during a longer workout, where I held a steady pace for 30+ minutes. Re-reading the book, I think I answered my own question though.

    Truthfully, I probably shouldn’t that concerned with my actual zones beyond a certain level. I use them as guides when performing my speed work, mostly to keep me from going too easy/hard and keeping my easy workouts easy.

    I stick with the advice that I should be able to repeat my runs everyday, allow plenty of time between hard workouts, and keep the easy runs easy. I have multiple loops I use for testing and my times over all distances and conditions have improved when I perform a test. My race times gotten better and better — 2hr difference between 2018 and 2019 at the 50mi distance. I’m still making gains so I really shouldn’t complain.

    Anonymous on #36726


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