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    I am using the UA Expedition Mountaineering 24 Week training plan, loaded into Training Peaks. This is my third time going through this regimen and it’s great! But now I am getting more serious and paying much more attention to the CTL and TSS numbers.

    If a 1-hour cycling activity at maximum steady-state intensity is 100 TSS (111 for running), why is, say a 1:15 running workout on TP show an expected/planned TSS of 887 for me? These are meant to be below-aerobic threshold workout so I presume these should be LESS than 100? I can’t figure out why the TSS-PLANNED numbers are SO high?


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    Jane Mackay on #84788

    Hi Deborah,
    I ran your question by Coach Alyssa Clark, who manages the training plans, and this is her reply:

    I just checked the mountaineering plan and it doesn’t show any of the workouts at 887 TSS. TP automatically calculates the TSS scores based off of the structured workout and the HR zones, so I would suggest she check her zones and then try reloading the plan. It shouldn’t be coming up at 887.

    Let us know if that doesn’t solve the problem.


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