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    Been kind of looking forward to tyre (or for you Americans, tire 😉 ) drag sessions. No idea how to set these up. Do I need my climbing harness, a special harness or is there some other way of setting it all up. Never used a sled before.

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    MarkPostle on #63207

    Options abound for sure with this Matt. If you’re dragging a tire or sled with a “normal” Denali sled amount of resistance then I will commonly have athletes rig their Denali backpack as if they were on the mountain and then use that sled haul webbing to pull the tire or sled. This allows them to carry a bit of weight in the pack and a slide at the same time and also gets them used to the exact way that the sled will be pulling on them in the field. Alternatively, I definitely have had folks use a climbing harness but the pack makes more sense in my mind. In general, the backpack has a loop of webbing and the tire or sled has a pull cord tied to it with the two joined via locking carabiner when you’re doing the sled drag. This is a good visual for what I mean

    If you’re tire dragging then sometimes its best to drill a couple of holes in the tire and pass an 8-10′ piece of cord through the holes for the attachment. Hope that helps get you started!

    mattmay3s on #63229

    Thanks Mark

    MarkPostle on #63242

    Heres a bit of additional inspiration for those crafting their own tire

    My DIY Tire Drag Sled v1.0

    For extra credit you can line the bottom with plywood then it has a “floor” to add weight. I have seen folks cut the sidewall that is top of the tire out so they can get a full sized circle of plywood in the bottom. That is a bit of an advanced project but it makes a nice training tool. For most folks a normal small to medium truck tire is already heavy enough to provide adequate resistance for a sub AeT drag especially when combined w some weight in the pack. Post up your pics here!

    MarkPostle on #63243

    Tire with wood floor

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    mattmay3s on #63580

    @mark – just tried to rig my pack like this and there is no gap to pass the webbing through between the hip belt and the pack as in the video – its all one integral unit. I’m thinking I’ll just pass the webbing around the pack so it sits between my lower back and the pack but isn’t held in place between the hip belt and pack as per the video. As its flat I can’t see it rubbing.

    Seem reasonable?

    rcj on #63594

    I’ve done it that way, and it works well.

    MarkPostle on #63597

    Matt, I have seen folks do that and it works fine. In general the lower the on the pack it can be rigged the better for ease of pulling the load. Some packs can be rigged from two points on the bottom outside of the pack depending on what you have there that’s structural but you have to be careful not to rig to anything that can rip off. For Denali the forces on the pull webbing can get pretty high occasionally and in a worst case scenario you would lose the sled and its contents.

    mattmay3s on #63598

    thanks fellas

    mattmay3s on #63634

    Preparations complete – will let you know how the 1st session goes. Some nervousness as it seems tough on my patio let alone going uphill on trails!

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