Turkish Get Up Confusion

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    Mat King

    Hey all,

    I’ve got the 8 week mountaineering program going, I’m not new to mountains, gyms, or lifting, but I am new to Turkish Get Ups and they have me a bit stumped.

    The form shown in the pdf attachment is significantly different from any videos I can find on youtube. Most of them seem to involve a side plank motion, and a lunge rather than a squat. They also all involve bringing the opposite leg up under the body forcing a 90 degree rotation, so that when standing you are facing 90 degrees from the direction your feet were pointing when laying down.

    The General Strength version seems to omit the side plank motion, goes directly into a front squat position and then stands straight up with no rotation. I can see that this requires much more core strength which I get, but its beyond my abilities in hip flexibility and seems like a very awkward motion.

    Is there a reason for the difference between the UA version of this lift and what seems to be most commonly called “correct form” etc on youtube?

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    Mat King on #84249

    Correction, the 90 degree rotation was something I was adding incorrectly, so disregard that part, my bad.

    This also explains the plank as one variation, but I’m still confused on the squat-like motion in the UA version vs the lunge version seen everywhere else. The lunge version seems a bit safer from a lifting standpoint because its more controlled than the jerky motion needed to get that foot under you and pop into a squat position.

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