Trying to determine AeT from LT Test

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    I was told my lactate threshold is at 2.8 mmol based on this LT test, but I couldn’t get an answer on what my AeT is.
    I know everyone is different so there isn’t a set value to look for in terms of exact lactate level, but I think my zone 2 would go over 150 but wanted another opinion.


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    Jeremy on #75617

    Im not the expert but i thought that the aerobic threshold is where, when plotting the lactate levels on a graph the curve will take a steep increase or acceleration OR when you hit 2 mmol. I dont fully understand the last part because some people may have a high resting lactate levels. I think the books show this quite will with various graphs.

    So where the lactate graph takes a change in slope (ie accelerates upward) at the corresponding heart rate will be the aerobic threshold.

    Hope this helps.

    gregehle on #76752

    Your AeT is when your BL is 2, right around 170 BPM for you. LT is when curve takes a steep increase. Its not an either/or as I read it.

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