Training Well While Avoiding Injury

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    I’ve been training for the West Buttress on Denali for the past few months, and still have two months left until day one of the climb. I have noticed gradual improvements in aerobics and strength endurance, which bodes well for the climb. My concern comes with respect to tendons, ligaments and all sorts of connective bits of the lower half of the body.
    Some level of discomfort and soreness is, of course, expected during training, but every so often I will encounter a sensation that could be a potential injury which would be categorized as a common overuse injury. At the moment, I have symptoms similar to those of a plantar fasciitis–pain between heel and middle of sole, most noticeable after rest. Other minor pains have come and gone, so I’m not sure if this will follow that pattern or lead to a more intense injury down the road.
    I’ve been working with “Training For the New Alpinism” and have tried thus far to be judicial when deciding where the line is between over and under training, but non-muscular pains are quite hard to decide on. Is there general advice for dealing with sensations that could lead to barring injuries, or should particularly suspicious ones always be examined by an experienced exercise physician? I want to be able to not deviate from a consistent regimen, at least very least for aerobic days, but still take proper care of all parts of the system.

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    Thanks for writing in. I suggest you repost this question in the injury section of the forum so that Pete will see it. He’ll be your best resource here for that type of thing.


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