Training Plans – Are they rigid or flexible?

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    I’m an older first-time climber of glaciated mountains and I will be attending the RMI Emmons Seminar in June of 2022. I have questions on the training courses. I have been an avid backpacker and climbed the mountains in the east, such as Mt Mitchell in NC by various routes. I also workout and train 4 – 7 times per week but not in mountaineering training methods which of course have me concerned. But I am not afraid to train in any way or intensity.

    However, being an older climber coming from a life of combat sports I’ve had my share of injuries and wear and tear. I have had to work around many injuries from the past using alternative training methods and techniques. So, my questions and/or concern is this. How rigid are the training plans offered by Uphill Athlete? If I am unable to do a certain exercise or task required by the plan will there be an alternative exercise offered as a work around? I am by no means trying to get out of the hard training, I completely understand that mountain climbing is intense and as high endurance as it comes, and I will work as hard as required. I want to be successful in the climbs. To be straight forward about it my biggest concern is the running and/or sprints. Will I be able to use an alternate method instead of running or sprints such as stair climbing, hiking/walking at a fast pace? Or is it completely necessary that I do sprints and run long periods? I am not completely unable, but I would rather avoid injury or aggravating past injuries. Thank you.

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    If you are following any of the mountaineering training plans or join a mountaineering training group, you will be hiking for your aerobic workouts. You will have the flexibility to adjust your intensity/volume to meet your needs.

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