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    Please use this post if you are still having trouble viewing your plan or if you would like to request a different plan!

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    Summer Hess on #65251

    I was on the Zoom call and followed these steps, but I still don’t seem my training plan on my calendar:
    Set up a athlete account if you don’t already have one. Note: Do NOT upgrade to Premium because that is included as part of your fee. They will send you many notifications to upgrade, but please ignore those.
    Link your TrainingPeaks athlete account to our coaching account by clicking the link below with your TrainingPeaks account open in the same browser.

    You can see from the attached screenshot that it says it connected successfully, but after refreshing browser, it’s still not there.

    Apologies for the inconvenience. Thanks for the admin support in getting this set up

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    Pia Lichtblau on #65254

    Many thanks Maya for your detailed answer!
    I’m already figuring out how to integrate some hikes during the week 🙂


    Kiana on #65256

    Sorry I was late to the game. I just filled in the google form and connected my uphill athlete and training peaks account. Is there anything else I need to do?

    On a separate note, I’m currently doing an 8-week mixed climbing training with uphill athlete. Can I get a personalized training that accommodates my other training as well?

    Coach on #65257

    Hello Summer and Kiana,

    Summer: I am traveling today and my computer with all of this information is currently dead. Summer, I think I have seen your name in Training Peaks so I will double check when I get to my destination (should be within the next 3hrs).

    Kiana: all of this is manually done so I just haven’t been on my computer in the last 4hrs. As I said above I will be on to load the plans in the next few hours and you shouldn’t have any problems. I wouldn’t recommend doing both plans at once, they are both designed to be done individually. Carolyn and I are unable to customize a plan for you with this group, you could sign up for a phone call with one of us for $50/30min.

    If either of you still don’t have your plan by tomorrow please let me know!

    Elaina Oliver on #65260

    Hi Maya,
    I tried to listen to the portion of the Orientation Zoom call that I missed where you probably explained Training Peaks and accessing my workout. However, both the video and the audio-only refused to upload onto my MacBook Pro.
    I have my Training Peaks set up but I have not found any workouts there. Please advise.

    Coach on #65262

    Hello Elaina,

    I can see your account in our Training Peaks (which is awesome!). Now I just need you to fill out this survey so I know which plan to apply to you.


    Elaina Oliver on #65263

    hi again Maya,
    I am now able to listen to the Audio-only recording of the Orientation meeting from yesterday. It sounds like the reason I do not have a workout plan yet is because I missed the step about filling out the survey! However, I don’t know where to find it. Please advise.
    Elaina Oliver

    Coach on #65264

    Please look at my post above! Here is the link again:

    Elaina Oliver on #65268

    Thank you

    Elaina Oliver on #65295

    I am learning about heart rate and how to monitor it, but I do not have a device. The only time my heart rate has been checked is when I have been to a doctor appointment or surgery!
    I think I would like to buy a Garmin watch and maybe the chest monitor that goes with it. I have been shopping around and I have watched and read reviews.
    Which Garmin model would you recommend?
    (novice) Elaina

    Pia Lichtblau on #65300

    Hi Elaina,
    I have the Garmin 745 and I really like it because its very light and small compared to other watches. Before I had a Suunto 5 and I didn`t like to wear it because for me it was too heavy. My wrists are rather slim and bony but the 745 I wear all day long, not only for running and its great!

    Greetings, Pia

    Jeni Vlahovic on #65323

    Hi Maya, I don’t see my training plan yet. I signed up to the program a bit late and I saw in the recorded Zoom call from Tuesday that it might take a couple days given how busy you are, which makes total sense. But I just wanted to double check. It would be great to be able to look at it over the weekend to start planning for next week. Thanks so much!


    Coach on #65325

    Hello Jeni,

    Thanks for reaching out, I didn’t see your name in Training Peaks yesterday which is why you haven’t gotten your plan yet. I now see you have connected it to our coach account and I will apply it ASAP.

    Meighan Ferris-Miles on #65326

    Hi Elaina,

    I have been wearing the Garmin Vivoactive 3 for several years and am really happy with it. I like the touchscreen and look/style on my small wrists. I find that it looks reasonable to wear all the time (even in a corporate job). It is also a budget friendly option. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have multiple types of running settings (ie. road and trail as separate sports) and although it tracks a lot of sports, some of the ones that I like to do are missing (ie. snowshoeing, open water swim).

    I’m currently looking at switching to a Coros Apex for two reasons: better battery life and the ability to track open water swimming. I have heard that the battery life of Coros is the best, which may be important depending on the length of your event. Happy shopping.


    Jeni Vlahovic on #65328

    Awesome thanks so much Maya! I see it and all good!

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