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    Hi everyone,

    I’m new to the forum and I apologize in advance if I should be posting somewhere else but I’m looking for advice on purchasing a training plan.

    I’m considering the mountaineering and alpinism training plans since I have goals that fall into both. A bit of background info for me is that I’ve read training for the new alpinism and always “trained” myself, although at times my consistency is not the best. I am not in peak shape but can climb up to 5.11, WI4, run 10-15 km on flat to moderate hills, ruck a 50lb pack for 10 km and cover 20km on skis in a day. In the past two summers other than rock climbs and scrambles I’ve completed Rainier via DC, Assiniboine N Ridge, and Pidgeon Spire W Ridge. My main goals for this coming season are Robson Kain Face, Rainier Kautz Glacier route, and various routes in the bugaboos with the most technical and difficult being The Big Hose 5.9 WI4 M5 on South Howser. Future goals include more technical routes in the Rockies and Alaska, higher altitude peaks in S. America, and hopefully Denali in 2023.

    Outside of my pure rock climbing most of my immediate goals fall towards mountaineering, that being said in the long term I see more alpinism in my future.

    After reading the different plans I thought the Eiger N Face plan wouldn’t be bad, it might be overkill for my current goals but being more fit isn’t an issue correct? I also thought that the plan would still build me up aerobically for mountaineering and have some cross over into my strength and climbing abilities.

    Either way, any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.



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    Anonymous on #49363

    The Eiger plan is probably the best fit. It has both general and ice-specific strength workouts while the endurance components will be largely the same as a mountaineering plan.

    (It’s no problem to post training plan questions here in the forum, but you’ll get a faster response if you email

    plourdem14 on #49564

    Awesome, thanks for the confirmation Scott. I look forward to trying the plan out. If I have any pressing questions I’ll be sure to get in contact via email in the future.

    greg on #50451

    Hi, a quick question concerning the Training Peaks Training Plans, does anyone know if they expire? Do they stay in our training plan library or to we have to repurchase it if we want to use it again?

    Garret on #50492

    The plans stay in your library and you can keep using them without having to repurchase.

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