Training Plan Reset?

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    Hi Coaches,
    I sort of dropped the ball on his plan in February – the entire family was hit with covid, we were fairly sick, kids and inlaws included, and a firestorm of other things all happening at once (renovations and a massive milestone in my career, no excuses but it PILED on). I still “trained” but it was scattered at best and now that I have my doctors clearance, I am REALLY motivated to start from the beginning again. The problem: As I kept shoving my training plan forward by two weeks, and then some random workouts paired with some of the training plan, I can’t figure out where to start, because some of the things I shoved forward in training peaks, already paired with things. So i was hoping that uphill athlete could really do me a solid if I could reset the entire thing to start over.

    I realize too that I will lose access to the coaches and this forum in a few weeks anyways, so its my hope to start again this week as week 1 and catch up on a lot of info here before I lose it all – because i would really like to get this done so i can sign up for the female program again in the fall on “advanced” (with hopefully some new peaks under my belt during the summer!).

    Please let me know if this is possible. Maybe I can clean it up myself too, but I am not 100% sure it will be correct.

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    Hello Michelle,

    It sounds like there is a LOT going on in your life! The good news is we will be sending out information hopefully in the next few days on how you can gain access to your training plan for life. This will allow you to reset it as a new plan any time you want, and it won’t interfere with what you have already done. I can add training, but that won’t be as useful long term for you. I will get in touch with our Admin today and try to have that email sent out ASAP about applying plans for the future.


    Michelle on #64380

    ok great! Will this work even if i had rearranged my original training plan? Will it then be the original version of it?

    In the meantime, i will start just following the old week one, but not sync it until I can clean it up (because my TP now says that its Week 5)

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    Yes, this will be the full plan un-changed from the original! You will be able to choose which start date you want to sync the new plan too 🙂

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