Training Plan: progression and time constraints

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    I am trying to plan my training for the next year with the intention to systematically train for the first time.

    I “trained” 650h in 2019 and about 450h this year. However, not systematically and with many mistakes, mainly spending way too much time in zone 3.
    Realistically, I will have about 8h per week available for training next year. Reading thru the Uphill Athlete book all training plan suggestions have some kind of progression.
    My question is, how do I manage a progression in training volume of my available times is limited to about 8h per week.
    Do I start with a much lower volume than I did in previous years and increase towards 8h, in which case I would initially decrease volume, or do I train at a a constant time volume, in which case I don’t have much of a progression?

    Thanks in advance.

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    A lower volume period is a good idea for recovery between macrocycles. If you trained 450 hours this year, then you could start at about 4-5 hours per week and work up to whatever you have available.

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