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    Thomas White

    Is there any kind of equivalence between the Annual Training Plan labels used for training periods in Training Peaks (Base-1,2,3; Build; Transition; Preparation) and the periods in Ch.2 of “Training for the New Alpinism” (Recovery, Transition, Base, Specific, Taper)?

    I’m using this at the moment:
    Base 1 = Base wi/general strength
    Base 2 = Base wi/max strength
    Base 3 = Base wi/muscle endurance
    Build 1 = Base/Specific overlap
    Build 2 = Specific
    Preparation = Taper/Recovery
    Transition = Transition

    It seems like the only purpose of these labels is to apply a nice color coding to the ATP chart. I’d like to follow what others are doing so if I’m sharing an ATP chart with a friend or coach it makes sense.

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    Anonymous on #10846

    The phases or periods in a training plan serve the purpose of focusing attention on certain qualities that make up the bulk of that period’s training.
    The Base period in both our plans and the TP ATP is the period where you are trying to increase your work capacity in the several fundamental qualities that make up your event. So Base = Base in TP and UA plans. Our Transition period seems to overlap with the Transition period in the TP ATP but I am not sure what differentiates their Preparation from our Transition. Their Build 1 Period is similar to our Specific Period. The training begins to model the event you are training for more closely. Not so sure about Build 2 other than it looks like intensity goes way up.

    Keep in mind that our ATP graphic is meant to provide a qualitative general idea, hence the colors. The TP ATP you attached in your post is meant to be a quantitative representation of the actual training volume and intensity.


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