Training Peaks – Shifting Day Off

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    Lauren Miller

    Hey all! Quick question about training peaks. If we need to shift things around so that Friday is the day off instead of Sunday, is there a way to move everything up two days (so that today would be day 1) other than just individually dragging every single activity?

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    Michelle on #61779

    Hi Lauren, yes there is. I shifted my entire plan ahead by one day.

    How you do it: in your training peaks calendar, Hover over the grey header bar of the first day you want to shift; the grey bar that has the day number on it (i.e 10 for the 10th of january). When you do that, three lines show up in that bar. Click on those three lines (but not the options that show up, just the lines). Then select the LAST day of the range you want to shift. You will see the entire range is selected and you have the same options, one of which is “SHIFT”. Click on that, and select “-2 days” to move everything up two days.

    Maybe in your browser it’s easy to do the whole set at once. But I would try just one week first, so that you can make sure it’s all highlighted and to see how it works. Then, do the rest. On my browser, it seemed to lag when I scrolled and tried to select the entire 12 weeks and I wanted to make sure i had everything, so I did it in small batches (2-3 weeks selected, shift by -1 day to move them up, then go further in the calendar and grab the next 2-3 weeks and move those up, and so on).

    If you don’t want to shift your ENTIRE calendar like I did, then you can also just switch your day off (ie. maybe your sunday with your friday). To do this, you can just drag and drop workouts from one day to another – i.e. drag “DAY OFF” and “OPTIONAL YOGA” to Friday, and drag “AEROBIC DAY” and “MOBLITY” to Sunday.

    Lauren Miller on #61780

    Thank you SO much, Michelle! That is exactly what I was looking for!

    Coach on #61820

    Thanks for answering Michelle, I am glad you two figured it out. You can shift the whole plan too by 12 weeks. I do it a lot, Training Peaks can be really slow not sure why. Sometimes I move things and panic that everything has been erased!

    Cecilia Dominguez on #62357

    Thank you for this. I was traveling last week and am now sick. This will help me push things back to get back in track.

    Cecilia Dominguez on #62358

    Shoot! I think I made a mistake. I tried to move week one to start at week 3 and my first two weeks disappeared.

    Coach on #62371

    Cecilia, I have gone in and fixed your training.

    For everyone else who is shifting weeks. Make sure you click:” Items on and after specified start date” AND “Move by a specified number of weeks” OR “Move to new start date.”

    The Notes such as “Week One” don’t move in a shift; I am not sure why but Training Peaks has its glitches; you have to manually move the notes to each week, or else they won’t make sense.
    I hope that helps!

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