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training effect of physical labor?

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    the past 2 days i’ve worked outside, digging, cutting wood, and such. my hr remained in z1-z2 (5-zone method) the whole time (60 and 90 mins).

    do i get any training effect from this? i kinda think i would, but . . .

    if i’m doing 5 sessions a week and do labor 5 days a week, can i credit myself with 10 training sessions? seems a bit dubious, but . . .

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    No, there is no training effect because it’s non-specific to your event.

    The only thing you get from it is fatigue, so you’ll need to back off on your training accordingly. This is the disadvantage (to training) with a physical job.

    rawls on #22688

    damn. thanks for responding.

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