Training Cycle w/ Blocked Work Schedule

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    I am beginning my summer job which operates on a schedule of 8 days on (10-12 hour days doing moderately physical work outdoors), followed by 6 days off. I had trouble managing my running training schedule last summer with this job.

    Most days I feel up for a short run before or after the work day, but I take more days off during the work stint. Then on time off I typically run every day, including longer runs. I am curious if anyone has experience or insight into how to best plan micro/mesocycles with a blocked work schedule?

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    Anonymous on #43131

    That sounds tricky.

    The first thing I would try would be short 30′ sessions during the work stint just for maintenance. These could be mostly running with a couple of strength sessions thrown in.

    For your off week, I would rest the first day, train for four, and then take another rest day before going back to work. That may seem like a lot of rest, but your work will wear on you I suspect. Those are long days!

    Diana on #43334

    Thanks Scott for your input. I am going to try the 30min sessions and add in some strength/injury prevention exercises. That’s usually what I feel up for after a work day in the field.

    I don’t think a rigid training schedule will work well with my work schedule, so I am also taking it as an opportunity to practice listening to my body and improving interoception.

    If any other athletes out there work block schedules or strenuous jobs and have any insight, I remain all ears!

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