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    Paula Kim

    Hello coaches! So I was on my morning trail run tripped pretty hard (on literally nothing! grr!), and I definitely pulled my hamstring and glute. I’m icing and compressing, and I do plan to take the time I need to heal and rehab the leg but I also am worried about losing the training time. Do you recommend taking full time off from training, or if the leg feels ok to do light less load bearing activity like walking and swimming, and focusing on upper body and core strength? Any other suggestions to try and attempt to keep some fitness while giving the leg the time it needs to get over the pull? Thanks for any advice!

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    Chantelle Robitaille on #75315

    Hi Paula,

    Sorry to hear that! I hope you are feeling better by now. The best thing is to take a rest from things that aggravate it. If you feel OK with walking or swimming that is great exercise to do. Upper body and core- as well as yoga, are all great options while you are feeling pain.

    Also- if it lingers through the weekend, might not be a bad idea to see a physical therapist.


    Paula Kim on #75316

    Thanks Chantelle!

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