Training activities while ankle is contraindicated

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    Matthew Morriss

    I’ve been trying to recover, with the help of a PT, from posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (tendonitis). I had hoped that by now (10 months of work) to be doing much better but the volume of training in even the basic mountaineering training group has flared up a bit of discomfort in my ankle – still low on the pain scale 1-1.5 / 10.

    Scott, in the group call today, scared me a bit about the idea of injuries becoming lingering and nagging for years.. Not looking forward to that outcome, but I’d like to still be active and not just riding my bike. Any ideas for other exercises?

    Scott mentioned potentially an elliptical machine; I’d even be up for aqua jogging… Just something to stay active to get that final 10% of my injury healed. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #68281

    Hi Matthew!

    Elliptical is good, aqua jogging is good, Elliptigo is good, and everything, where you don’t have pain, is good to keep you fit.
    BUT that will probably not solve the problem. Have you ever tried insoles? Different shoes? Adjustments to your shoes? Compression socks? Taping? My approach to this would be to find a way that allows you to do what you want to do. You’ll have to be creative, but most likely there is a way.

    Maybe we can figure out a way together?


    Matthew Morriss on #68297

    On the advice of my PT, I’ve got higher arched insoles in all my shoes now, and am using shoes with 4-5 mm of drop vs zero drop shoes.

    Do you recommend compressions socks? What style of taping?

    I’b happy to discuss this in more detail. Any ideas i’m open to.

    Thomas Summer, MD on #68311

    I would have also recommended higher arched insoles. Try compression socks. You can also tape your arch to get some tension off the tendon. And you can combine that with kinesio tape. Streching of the calves (flexed and straight knee) and hamstrings and plantar fascia. Foot mobility and strength. Tibialis anterior training…

    Matthew Morriss on #68315

    Thanks @Thomas!

    Is this the type of taping you had in mind?

    I’ll definitely be keeping up up the ankle strengthening exercises with therabands, calf stretching and heel raises I’ve been working on.

    Thomas Summer, MD on #68360

    I would use the K-Tape up to the knee. And also combine it with normal tape on the foot, to limit pronation a bit. Ask your PT for that

    Matthew Morriss on #68381

    Thomas, just in case running/hiking continue to cause pain in my ankle and I need to switch activities for the benefit of getting to full recovery of my ankle are elliptical and aqua jogging or even cycling good options to continue to try to build my aerobic base fitness while trying to get my ankle to calm down?

    Thomas Summer, MD on #68520


    it’s always a good idea to switch between activities when recovering from an overuse injury. Different load on the body and especially less load on your injury. Cycling, aqua jogging, and elliptical are good options for that purpose.

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