The right Interpretation of my AeT Test

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    Yesterday I have done the AeT Test. I aimed for 170 bpm when I Checked the Pa:Hr it was 4.5%. But the average Heart Rate for the Duration is way lower with 163 bpm.
    From the RPE I would set the AeT at around high 160ish.

    What would you guys think?

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    Dada on #44304

    Hi Fil,

    When I see an AeT high like this, I always ask for the AnT since there is a chance you tested your AnT instead of AeT. So, what’s your AnT?

    Viele Grüße

    FMA on #44305

    Hi Dada,

    AnT is about 183 bpm. Tested at numerous Mountain run‘s.
    Liebe Grüße

    Anonymous on #44333


    They way I looked at your data was to eliminate the final 10minutes which had a substantial climb in them. See how your pace slowed and HR went up? The rest of the run looks perfect. Doing this sort of selection of your data I see 0% drift with an average HR of about 160 for the first 25minutes and 161 for the 2nd 25 minutes. I think it might be worth redoing this test without the last 10 minutes and using a slightly higher starting HR like 165. If this feels fast (using RPE) that’s probably a good sign that you are not aerobically deficient. 183/165 would give right around a 10% spread between these two important thresholds. If drift is still <3% try 170. You may need to do minimal Z2 and make most of your aerobic base work in Z1 or <150ish.

    I hope this helps,

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