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    Just wanted to thank you. I was able to complete my goal of the VT 50 miler and felt really great throughout the whole race. It was a difficult year for many due to record high temperatures and over half the field dropped or were time cut, but I stayed positive and consistently moving throughout the entire race. I didn’t break any speed records but am proud that I stayed healthy and consistent throughout and finished strong. I had never “trained” for a race before, just stayed in good shape/adventured a lot and signed up when something looked fun. However, this experience taught me a lot about building, resting and tampering. (Tampering is mentally harder than I thought!) I also really enjoyed the hill workouts. Not sure what is next for me quite yet, but will definitely apply what I learned moving forward with more specific goals.

    Thanks again!


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    Steve House on #6204

    Congrats Joanna! We’re all stoked for you. We know this works 😉 but we are very glad you had a good race and proud of you for doing the work that lead to your success. Thanks for sharing! Steve

    info.cachtribenh on #22299

    Congrats Joanna

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