Testing AeT using Heart Rate Drift test

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    I read “The Uphill Athlete” twice, and practice since januarry the training method described there. I’ve been using MAF methode to calculate my AeT,and I notice improvements..a lot! But beeing stuck with the age algoritm, now I don’t know if my Aet remains the same.
    So, I have 2 questions related to Heart Rate Drift test, using a treadmill:
    1. In the description of the test it says:? If you have a good idea of what your AeT is, then target that heart rate for the beginning of the test. ? This means that I should target 141-143 bpm wich is my upper Z2 limit (extract from MAF formula) and only when I rich this value I should start the test? Or I should start when the hr is in the 137-140 limit?
    2.?Note the average heart rate for each half. Compare them to see if your average heart rate rose more than 5 percent.? This means that my AeT is the average hr of the both halfs of the test?…or?

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    Shashi on #40910


    Have you read this article?

    Heart Rate Drift: A Functional Measure of Aerobic Fitness

    I would just target 140 HR at the beginning of the test.

    After 10-15 minutes of warm-up, if your HR is 140, you can start the test. If in the next one hour your heart rate drift is less than 5%, then your AeT is 140.

    If the heart rate drift is more than 5%, then redo the test with a lower target HR of say 130.
    After a couple of tests, you should have an estimate of your AeT.

    I am assuming you are using a chest strap to track HR.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Anonymous on #40950

    Thanks, Shashi!

    umanschi_bogdan on #40966

    Thank you very much!

    Yes, I use a chest strap 🙂

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