Test for Muscular endurance?

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    jane s

    From listening to podcasts about adding muscular endurance, one guest said she asked her athletes if is was their legs or their heart that was the limiting factor.
    Can anyone one come up with a test , (distance, elevation, time) that would be a good way to find out what ones limiter is.
    Too long and it becomes aerobic, too short and it becomes anaerobic, too steep it becomes a strength test, etc.

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    TrailJules on #81068

    I´m not sure about a test, but I really notice it when doing intervals. For example; towards the end of a phase of Zone 4 workouts, I cannot produce enough ‘power’ to get my heart rate into Zone 4. I think that this is my muscular endurance (legs) limiting my ability as opposed to my heart, as my heart/lungs don’t feel taxed.

    Unfortunately this isn’t a ‘test’, but the result of experience.


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