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    Just wanted to say welcome to the Private Mountaineering Forum and say how excited Steve, Nate and I are to get the group started. Please use this forum to communicate, learn, share and create a community within our Mountaineering group.

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    mattmay3s on #58783

    Hi Mark – great to be a part of this. Can’t see the video of last night’s call yet?

    MarkPostle on #58784

    Matt, Steve will start a thread here that will have a google drive link where everyone can watch the recording from last night meeting once its been converted and loaded to the cloud. This will generally be about 24 hours after the meeting.

    mattmay3s on #58785

    Thanks Mark

    mattmay3s on #58794

    Anyone know how to add a Profile Picture?

    MarkPostle on #58795

    This is an old explanation but I think it still holds water

    There were some questions with respect to how to add an image to your user avatar on the UA website. Here’s a quick explanation.

    The UA website is built on WordPress. All WordPress websites use an avatar service called Gravatar to source avatar images.

    Once you sign up for a Gravatar account, you can add as many email addresses as you want and associate a photo with each one. Once associated, that email-and-photo combination will show up on all websites that use WordPress.

    More and more non-WordPress sites are also using Gravatar, so it’s a pretty handy way to manage all of your email-and-photo combinations across the entire evil interwebs.


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