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    Stefan Goldberg

    My Garmin (Fenix 5x plus, with new HR monitor chest strap) watch data didn’t load into TP yesterday or today, though it did load Monday. Shutting down and restarting computer, apple mobile phone, and watch did not bring in the data. What should I try next?

    And a tip from a “chat” with Garmin Monday: I wondered how to determine whether HR on watch actually is from the chest strap remote monitor or from the watch’s own HR detector. Flashing heart icon on watch means it’s watch data (looking for remote input). Steady, not-flashing, means it’s receiving and showing data from the chest strap monitor. I’d wondered about that for a long time.

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    rcj on #67342

    I don’t think I can help to get them syncing, but you can export the file from each workout on Garmin Connect and upload it directly to Training Peaks. That should catch you up, with others hopefully helping out with eh sync issue.

    MarkPostle on #67348

    One Thing I have had folks do to start the trouble shooting process is to go into their Garmin connect on the computer (or phone app) and see if the data is there. This will make sure it got recorded properly and that its and issue between the garmin and trainingpeaks not between the device and garmin connect. Also once in a while it just won’t show up for a day or two the appears for no reason.

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