Tapering with an injury

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    I just finished my last week of training for climbing Rainier next week. During the last hour or two of my final workout I developed some pain in the front of my left ankle. It didn’t seem that bad until the final descent when it became pretty consistent. I can walk on it just fine right now but it gets sore after a few minutes. I’m assuming it’s a tendon and I know the best thing to do for that is to stay off it.

    I’m just curious what the best approach going forward would be. I was planning on doing a few light jogs/walks and maybe an easy hike over the weekend for my taper period. Should I just plan on not doing any of that to give it the best chance to heal before my trip next week or just play it by ear and use it if it feels better?

    I’m not on my feet all day at work but I can have days where I’ll get a few miles in wandering around for what it’s worth.


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    Dane on #24339

    After thinking about it, maybe a rowing erg would be a good way to get some light aerobic work in while giving my ankle a break from weight bearing exercise?

    Anonymous on #24349


    It’s not possible to diagnose your injury based on what you’ve told us. It could just be some fatigue and tightness in the anterior tibialus muscle. However you might be wise to not irritate what ever the problem is for a day or two and see if it resolves. None weight bearing exercises would be a place to start and then reintroduce some hiking once it is feeling better.


    Anonymous on #24361

    I would go see a sports physio or sports doc (but not a non-sport of either). I find with those types of injuries, it’s a delicate balance of stimulation (for recovery) versus aggravation (making things worse). A good sports physio can help.

    Dane on #24364

    Thanks for the responses.

    I guess I was just focused on the potential impact of not doing anything before my climb vs getting a little bit of work in so it’s helpful to be reminded to take injuries seriously.

    It’s already feeling better today so I’ll stay off it a few more days, see how it goes from there and look into a sports physio.

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