Tapering ME strength workouts before race

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    I started to transition from skimo race season to running season mid/end of March. During Skimo season, I was more or less BC skiing a lot. About 1 strength session a week (more like max strength), and some skimo intensity.

    It took me several weeks to get my legs and tendons ready for running…and there was still lots of snow so I had to ski.

    I have now completed 9 consecutive weeks of progressive ME strength circuit workouts in the gym, more or less following the UA athlete ME strength program. I have been able to get in 2 uphill zone 3 interval sessions and 1 uphill sprint power session, in addition to some long slow miles.

    I have a big mountain running race in about 6 weeks. On my calendar that equates to 3 training weeks, 1 recovery week, 1 taper week, and race week. The race is approximately 20 miles and 9500 vert ft of gain/loss.

    My instincts tell me that I should now stop the gym workouts, and start substituting with either uphill intensity z3 intervals or more hill sprints. In the past Zone 2 tempo workouts really wore me down, so this year I have been trying more polarized training with almost exclusively zone 1 running with zone 3-4 workouts once weekly. My body feels much better than last year for whatever it’s worth. This particular race is rather unique as it is predominantly hard power walking up very sttep long ridges, and then very steep downhill running. There is not much “race pace” moderate trail running.

    Any advice? Thanks!

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