Switching from CHAM FIT to Maximum Strength Training

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    I am completing basic / introductory MTG 12 Week Plan. I believe I would benefit from completing a cycle of maximum strength training within the MTG Training Plan.

    At which point/ time in plan / Week number (? week 4 or 6 or 8) would it be appropriate
    to switch from completing Chamonix Mountain Fit Strength workouts to completing Maximum Strength Workouts, using the methodology from Training for the New Alpinism for Maximum Strength Workouts?

    Thank you

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    MarkPostle on #63533

    Obviously depends on your background with max strength but I generally would have folks get through 8 weeks of Cham before swapping over to a max. Some of this of course is also dictated by your goal dates. If you want to implement max I usually go cham>> Max>>ME>>taper but this can vary with the athletes training history and their relative strength needs for their goal climbs.

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