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    Dear Suunto users,

    I have created a Movescount group called “Training for the New Alpinism” for people who are training with ideas from the book. If you join, you’ll be able to see the training sessions of the other members, which might give you some inspiration or motivation.
    To join, go to your Movescount account, Community > Groups and then type in “Training for the New Alpinism” in the search field.
    I’d be happy if I wouldn’t be the only member!



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    deadpoint on #16540

    Joined. To bad Suunto’s shutting down Movescount in 2020 in favor of Suunto App. Be sure to add your vote, if you haven’t already, for a web interface for App!

    Jan on #16542

    Hi deadpoint,

    but will Movescount still be usable on a PC, or what will be the alternative for PC users? I don’t even have a smartphone …
    I can’t see the content of your link as you have to be registered.

    deadpoint on #16549

    Based on the Suunto’s announcement, see below, movescount will be gone mid-2020. Their strategy is to move/migrate to Suunto App, but at the moment it *sucks* and is only available as an app, which has a lot of their dedicated community fairly upset. Personally I could careless how they brand their “digital presence”, movescount, suunto app, BuzzWordCompliantFuckingApp, as long as they don’t take away functionality, like the web platform. Maybe I’m just old and crusty, #defendanalog, but doing anything beyond aimless scrolling on phone screen freaking sucks!

    Enough rant. I suggest you, and anyone loyal to the Suunto brand, to register for their forum and +1 that feature request thread so they don’t make a drastic mistake.

    TrailJules on #16571

    What about a Strava Club?
    I just push all my training to Stava, which is watch agnostic, so I can share with my friends.


    Anonymous on #30042

    Just wanted to mention here that there is a Strava club now-please join!

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