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    I listened to the recent excellent Strength Running podcast with Jason Fitzgerald/Scott Johnston.

    There was mention of two runners running at the same %age of hr would be exercising at the same metabolic load.

    However, if these two runners were of different ages, the muskoskeletal load would be greater for the older runner.

    The above seems fair comment, however, if the older runner was running at a slower pace than the younger runner, would this not balance out the muskoskeletal load between the two?

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    Anonymous on #56176

    Thanks for writing in with your question. I don’t recall that part of the conversation.

    I think there is some kind of misunderstanding. I am not sure what you mean when you say same %age of HR. Is that % of max HR, AeT HR or AnT HR? We almost never refer to % of any HR so this seems strange that I would have used that term.

    The metabolic load would have more to do with running economy and aerobic development than it would with age. Forget age: If runner A is above his/her personal AeT HR the metabolic load will be quite different than runner B who is below her AeT H.R If both runners had similar economy the neuro-muscular loading would have more to do with the pace than the metabolic state.

    Can you send me the approximate time in the podcast I will take a listen and reply with a more detailed answer here in the forum.


    maforbes2000 on #56193


    Apologies, I have been doing lots of reading and listening to podcasts recently, and confused your podcast with something else.

    Thanks for your reply, this makes sense.

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