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    I’m a 48 years old mid-level athlete, working full time. I’ve done few ultra (Northburn100, Trans Gran Canaria) and marathon 2h50. I’m planning to start training seriously for next 3 years at least and your book is just what I needed as I was probably training using too high intensity. 12 month ago I had done a lab metabolic test and the results were AeT at 13km/hr & 153bpm; AnT 16kkm/hr & 170bpm

    2 weeks ago, I started retraining after 3 months off and did a lactate test this morning using the portable Scout 4 and go very surprising – got 5.3 reading after 30 min light run with HR below 140bpm; I then took 10 min off and retested after 45min light spin with HR below 135bpm – same result. Lactate number dropped to 2.3 5 min after stopping and 0.8 7 min after stopping.

    Aren’t theses results very strange? thank you for your help

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    I would suggest warming up much more gradually. Start with 20 minutes at well below your expected aerobic threshold pace / heart rate (e.g., 9km/hr, 120bpm), and see if that gets you a lactate reading below 1.5mmol/L. If not, try again the next day even slower.

    Also, make sure to use an alcohol swab to clean your finger, and wipe off the first drop of blood. Otherwise, you may end up with sweat contaminating the blood sample and giving bad results.

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    I’m not sure why you got such high lactate readings other than some contaminants in the sample. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR SKIIN with the test strip. I do not like to use alcohol because it does not evaporate as fast you might think and can contaminate the sample too. I just wipe away the first drop of blood and squeeze out another nice big drop to test.

    I have no experience with the Scout but these sound like contamination to me.


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