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    The stove I currently have is an MSR Windburner and although it’s an amazing piece of gear, I am looking for something lighter. After doing some research online & offline, I’ve narrowed down my list to 3 stoves:
    -The MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe
    -The Jetboil MiniMo
    -The Fire Maple Blade 2
    Does anyone here have any personal experience with any of the above stoves? (Or highly reccommends a different one?)
    I really like the idea of an 85g stove, like the PocketRocket Deluxe, but I am afraid that windy conditions may affect that stove a lot. Are there any “tips” that could help in those cases except from a classic windshield?
    P.S.1 Since It’s been a long time since the last time I used something other than a stove system, which pot/heat exchanger/windshield can work well in windy conditions?
    P.S.2 I wish I could afford the MSR Reactor but it’s out of my budget at the moment

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    psathyrella on #74342

    Yeah! I agree, the windburner is awesome, but also amazingly heavy. I got a pocket rocket deluxe (the new deluxe has a cupped burner shape that shelters flame from wind) a year or two ago, and I think haven’t used my windburner since? I have a stove board (3mm plywood with reflective metal tape and elastic cord, see pic), and use a many-layered piece of folded aluminum foil as heat reflector + wind break (see pic). I’m sure if I was absolutely forced to boil water for survival on an exposed ridge with high winds the windburner would work better, but honestly that just doesn’t happen much. If I’m melting snow, at the very least, I can dig down a foot (or three) and get out of the wind, or more practically, remember to melt snow before hitting the ridge. And even an unmodified pocket rocket deluxe is much, much more wind resistant than, for instance, the original jet boil (which was terrible, anything above a whisper of wind and it seemed like it was just pumping unburned gas into the air).

    Also, the folded foil is _ amazingly _ effective at reflecting the right amount of heat back onto the cannister to let you use it below freezing. The stove board (and maybe reflector) are ideas I got from the backpackinglight forums, they have their stove systems dialed in there. And that’s a toaks titanium pot, I use a 500ml by myself, or a 900ml with others. The small one is slow/annoying to melt snow, but also makes for a fantastically small and compact stove setup.

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