Start of new training plan: how to calibrate the 1st week volume?

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    I’m a big fan of the book(s) and have had great success this past few months implementing the training philosophy of Uphill Athlete. One question that I haven’t been able to find the answer to in the book nor in the forum is how to calibrate the volume of the first week when you are starting a new program (for example after achieving a race/goal or at the start of the season)? How do I know what volume to start at? Progressing 5%-10% is easy enough but I always feel like I’m not sure what’s reasonable for a first week. I just finished a 30K, took a few days of rest and I feel fresh. Should I return to the same volume as the peak week of training? I don’t want to rush it but I don’t to start too far down again.

    Thank you in advance!

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    hafjell on #78475

    The latest podcast from UA will help. I don’t recall them giving a specific answer to this, but they do talk in detail about volume, hours vs. miles, transitioning from sports and seasons. It’s one of the most practical episodes, imo.

    And, with no coaching experience, I would posit that you’re capable of handling a 30k week once recovered from your race. Might give it a few days more to make sure you’re legs are with your brain… 10% increases will compound up quickly from there. Otherwise, some approximation slightly below your biggest week before the race. My .02 cents.

    Jane Mackay on #78482

    Greg, glad to hear you’ve had such success in implementing the UA philosophy!

    As Hafjell points out, 5%-10% increases add up quickly, so you could err on the side of caution and start at 75% of the peak week of your last training block. You’ll soon be back where you were and moving beyond it, and you’ll be doing so on a stronger foundation of recovery.

    One other note: the older you are, the more weight you want to give to recovery.

    GregW on #78483

    Thank you to both of your for your helpful replies. Sounds like a good rule of thumb: 75% of peak week! Especially since I’m in no rush.

    I tend to aim closer to 5% of progress because I’m in no rush and – since I’m always travelling – I can have quite a bit of variability in elevation from week to week.

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