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    This is my last week to reach the end of the base period. So far I have followed the 24 week Mountaineering plan with a couple of extensions, ie. Transition period was 12 weeks and the base period was extended by 4 weeks (so 20 weeks of base) simply following the suggestions in TFNA page 252. Those extensions were easy as I had the plan to copy and extend the time for the workouts.

    Now I want to do set the specific period training plan for mountaineering objective as outlined in TFNA pages 265-267. The weeks are straight forward with the description of the workouts.

    Through out the 24 week plan every 4th week was a recovery week. But on these pages it is not mentioned, and I am assuming since after this period tapering week comes a specific recovery week is not a neccesity (Obviously depending how fatigued I end up). However on the notes for specific period weeks (page 267) it is mentioned that these weeks require careful recovery and if these weeks are not done properly it will bury.

    Any clarification would be useful, thanks

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    Anonymous on #24687

    If you’ve been following the 24 Expeditionary plan so far and see good gain, I suggest following it still. Depending on where you in your strength progression and when you goal climb will happen here is what should work:

    Finish the max strength phase which lasts 8 weeks in Base period in that plan. The shift to eh ME workouts that the plan includes. Try to fit in 8 weeks of the Specific Phase that include the ME workouts. Those are key and will set you up well for the climb.

    I hope this helps,

    madanyang on #24697

    Hi Scott,

    You got me lost. Are you referring the last 8 weeks of the Base period in the plan where in week 9 description it says “Conversion to Specificity begin Muscular Endurance” which per your suggestion I should do in the specific period ?

    Anonymous on #24729

    I’m sorry I confused you. What I am suggesting is to follow the 24 week plan as it is laid out in your Training Peaks calendar: 8 weeks of transition period general strength. In your case you extended this to 12 weeks which is fine. Follow this with 8 weeks of Max Strength as the plan shows. The do the final 8 weeks which include the ME workouts. If you need to extend the plan more weeks I would add more ME weeks into it.

    As for recovery weeks. The 24 week Expeditionary Training Plan is laid out in 4 week cycles. Three building weeks followed by a recovery week. I suggest that you just follow the plan’s structure.


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